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Belgard Square W, Tallaght, Dublin 24
open open from 17:30-23:15 (delivery from 17:30-22:45)
  • From €2.50 (min. €10.00)
  • 45-60 mins
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Unit 3 Killinarden Heights, Killinarden, Dublin 24
open open from 17:00-23:45
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  • From €2.00 (min. €0.00)
  • 25-45 mins
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Whitechurch S.C Whitechurch Cres, Ballyboden, Dublin 16
open open from 16:00-22:45
  • From €1.50 (min. €10.00)
  • 30-60 mins
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Takeaway For Collection & Delivery in Tallaght, Dublin 24


Tallaght -the largest town in southern Ireland- was named after the Gaelic words Tamh leacht which means plague pit. Oddly though there are no unusual numbers of graves in Tallaght for people who died from the plague. Currently the population in Tallaght is about 71,504 people.


Tallaght, Ireland has quite a few interesting places to check out for tourists. The tallest of the hills in Tallaght is called Mount Seskin where there are many stones atop it. Speaker Connolly built the stones structures. The stones are called the Hell Fire Club. The stones surround a passage tomb also called a "fairy ring" by the local people. It's viewed as bad luck to destroy any of these sites as it is thought the Sidhe will become angered by such action. Because of this none of the people have tampered with them and there are still random hills of earth across Ireland. 


Tallaght also has one of Ireland's largest shopping venues in the city. It's referred to as the Square and has three levels of retail space. Tallaght Stadium is also a highlight of the country. The stadium is around a soccer field and seats six thousand spectators. 


Tallaght is thirteen kilometers southwest from Dublin, Ireland and is conveniently connected to the Dublin Bus line. This makes it easy to travel to the city for further sight seeing.


Fantastic Take Away in Tallaght


While traversing the Tallaght, Ireland countryside area there are many take away options. There are several Italian, Chinese, Thai, and Indian take away food places available. If you're looking for authentic Irish food take away there's quite a number of chipper restaraunts with plain and simple fish and chips. Burgers or pizza take aways are present in the town of Tallaght too with delicious food for the travel weary stomach to refuel itself on.

Here at Marvin you can easily, quickly and safely order delicious food for delivery or collection from local takeaways in Tallaght, Dublin 24. Just take your pick of the restaurants on the list and click on to their menu. There you can order just what you fancy. In Tallaght, Dublin 24 you can amongst other things choose from pizza, burger or chipper.

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