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Marvin.ie is the place where Irish consumers get the best online takeaway experience. Through co-operation with hundreds of takeaways across the country, we do ordering food online easily, faster and cheaper.


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James GalvinMarvin.ie:
James Galvin
Co-Founder & MD
[email protected]
Tel: +353 1 524 2987
Morten LarsenHungry Group:
Morten Larsen
Founder & Chairman
[email protected]
Tel: +45 28 87 85 00



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In Writing

"M" in the word 'Marvin' should always be capitalised. When mentioning Marvin, you can do so without .ie 


Correct Use: Marvin OR Marvin.ie

Incorrect Use: marvin OR marvin.ie



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We primarily use WHITE text on GREEN background. We occassionally use SAND as our logo colour to offer contrast against the GREEN. ORANGE is used for call-to-action & sign-posting key messages.



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