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Du har spørgsmålene - vi har svareneWe have collected a number of Frequently Asked Questions about Marvin.ie. We are constantly adding new questions. If you have a question that you can't find the answer to here, please feel free to email or call us. Here is our contact information.





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Is it safe to order over the internet?
Absolutely! Our payment partners use the best-of-breed encryption technology solutions to ensure the utmost security when you order online via Marvin.ie. More information can be found in our Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy & Cookie Policy.
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Can I order over the telephone with you instead?
Unfortunately not. We believe the Internet is the perfect way to order takeaway. It would be a shame to spoil it by chucking a phone call into the process. We are certain you will have a great experience by ordering on the website or via our mobile apps.
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How does your post code / address system work?
We use Google Maps technology. The syetm relies on matching your address to the delivery areas outlined by the takeaways. We advise for greatest accuracy and easiest use, to type in your road name or Eircode (if possible). Google does though sometimes have difficulty locating apartment blocks, housing estates, buildings & hotels, so pelase use road name or Eirocde where possible, and add any additional address info at checkout. This is so we can accurately calculate distance and delivery price. The system will then search Google Maps and display results by takeaways closest (and open) to you.  We are available to help should you need any assistance.

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Do you accept Eirocdes for address searches?
Yes. As we use Google Maps technology, we are very dependant on what this syetm can provide and as of very recently Google has started accepting Eircode searches, which means you can now also search by your Eirocde on Marvin. To get your eircode CLICK HERE

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I live / work in an office / apartment / student accomodation block - how can I use the adress search? 

We suggest you search by the Road / Street name or your Eircode in the first instance. Google sometimes has difficulty locating apartment blocks, housing estates, buildings & hotels names, so pelase use road name or Eirocde where possible. This will allow the system to accurately display delivery distances & prices whilst also showing you which takeaways will deliver to that location. You will have the ability to add 'Additional Address' information on the checkout page for the block name / floor number etc.

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I'm having trouble applying a coupon / voucher code
Firstly, no coupon / discount codes can be used for cash orders. All voucher / coupon codes must be applied at the checkout using the 'Add Voucher' link and then clicking 'Apply Voucher / Coupon'. When applying a voucher code you need to ensure all the fields for name, delivery address, email address (try and avoid using special characters such as & or + signs in the email address) and passwords are completed and inputted correctly. An error will occur if the system is unable to check and verify the delivery address or email address successfully. Some codes will come with restrictions such as only valid for first time users, so always please check the Terms & Conditions of any promotion codes before attempting to use on the system.

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How do I pay for my order?
You have several options, and which one you use is entirely up to you. You can choose to pay by Prepay / Credit / Debit Card (VISA, MasterCard, 3V or VISA Electron) or of course the good old-fashioned way - cash directly to the lovely delivery man.
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Why do you charge a service fee?
We charge a service fee of €0.50c on all orders placed with Marvin to help contribute to the ever increasing technical, hosting and marketing costs required to run a complex service like ours and to help us continue being competitive in the marketplace.
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Can I use PayPal to pay for my order?
Sorry, we no longer accept PayPal as a payment option. Due to the high costs involved, and disingenious chargebacks by a small minority, means to process these orders is no longer a viable service for Marvin to provide. We apologise for any inconvenience this has caused, but you can still order on Marvin using Visa, MasterCard & Cash.
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Can I use Bitcoin to pay for my order?
At present, Bitcoin is currently suspended as a payment method. Due to the wild fluctuiations in valuations at present, it is very difficult for merchants to capture correct amounts and is leading to hung transactions. Until our partner Coinify are able to find a soution, or the fluctutaions subside, it will be on hold as a payment option.
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How will my order get to the takeaway?
All takeaways that work with us have a nifty little order terminal in-store, supplied by us. Your order is pinged to the takeaway via the power of mobile internet technology to that terminal, which immediately prints out your order directly in-store. They then respond with an accurate delivery time (which they select on the machine) and you then get an SMS confirming your order and delivery time. No engaged numbers, language barriers or noisy takeaways.
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I want to cancel my order - what do I do?
When it comes to ordering food online, time is very important. If you contact us or the restaurant immediately after you placed the order, it might just be possible we will just about have time to cancel it. But if the restaurant has already cooked or sent the food out, it will sadly be too late to cancel the order. If the restaurant has cooked & supplied the food in good faith, it would be unfair for them to suffer with unsold food. The faster you contact us or the takeway, the better the chance we have! 
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I want to change my order - what do I do?
For the fastest solution, we would suggest you contact the takeaway directly. Once you have made your order you will receive a text message that will include the restaurant's number. You are also welcome to contact us, but we would then still have to contact the takeaway, and it could slow the process down.
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I paid for my order online, but my food never arrived. How do I get my money back?
If a mistake does happen, and you do not receive your order as expected, then we advise you contact our customer service, and we will inevestigate accordingly, whilst also arranging you a release or a refund. When you pay by card we place a reserve on the funds. A release is when we remove the reserve before the transaction has been fully confirmed. A transaction is fully confirmed when the takeaway has accepted your order. If the order was cancelled or rejected at the time of the order, we simply release the reserve. A release will not show a line item on you bank statement, as the reserved funds are simply released and returned back to your balance. A refund is issued when the transaction has been fully confirmed and captured from your account. It is only in these cases we issue refunds. When we refund a confirmed transaction, you will see a line item with our name on your statement relating to the amount being refunded  When we release or refund your money, it may take up to 7 business days before the amount is available again on your account. Unfortunately, this is because of some slow processes with some banks for which we have no influence over. In most cases it takes only one working day. We promise that we will do everything we can to make your money return as fast as possible. If you wish to escalate your issue beyond Marvin Customer Care, you can do so. As of 15th February 2016, the European Union offers a platform for online dispute resolution (Art. 14 section 1 ODR-Regulation (EU 524/2013): For more information, please visit here: https://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/main/?event=main.home.show
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My order is severly delayed - what do I do?
Once the restaurant has confrimed your order in-store, you will receive an SMS & email confirmation with expected delivery time. Should it happen that the restaurant is delayed, we would recommend the fastest and most accurate way for an update is to contact the restaurant directly. We are of course ready to help, so you are also welcome to contact us to see if we can offer any assistance.
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I'm not satisified with the food quality, can I get a refund?
Unfortunately Marvin cannot take resposbility over food quality - it is the duty of the takeaway to ensure your are served with delicious, hot, and well-prepared food. However, we know sometimes things do go wrong and we want to help you find an amicable solution. We work hard to ensure a good standard of the takeaways we work with, so your feedback is really important. Within 24 hours of placing your order you will receive an email asking for you to review the restaurant. We advise you express all of your issues and concerns within this review. We pass on all negative reviews direct to the owners who obviously will have a keen interest in resolving any public issues. If the restaurant then decides to offer a refund, they will instruct us to do so.
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How do I earn loyalty stamps?
Loyalty stamps are our way of rewarding you as a customer to become a repeat user of our service! Loyalty stamps are earned when you order a takeaway via Marvin.ie (web or mobile). You earn one (x1) stamp per order, and the loyalty stamp is then applied to the takeaway you ordered from. If you visit that takeaway's menu after ordering you will see your loyalty stamp appear for that restaurant at the top of the page. You can earn stamps with as many different restaurants as you like, but your FREE meal will only be available when you have ordered more then ten (x10) times from that specific takeaway. PLEASE NOTE: Stamps accumulated can only be used against the email address used for that specific order. Multiple email accounts and stamps cannot be merged.
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I forgot my password, how can I retrieve / reset it?
To reset your password go to 'Sign In'. Just below the login section will be a 'Reset your password' link. Click that, enter your email and then follow the instructions sent via email.
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How long are stamps valid for?
A stamp is valid and active for twelve (x12) months from the order date. When a stamp expires, it is then removed automatically from your stamp card at the specific restaurant it is was earned with.
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How many loyalty stamps do I need for a FREE meal?
You need to earn ten (x10) stamps with a takeaway to get a FREE meal. Once you have earned a FREE meal, you will automatically be able to use it as credit for the next time you order from that restaurant. 
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If my order is cancelled, do I lose that loyalty stamp?
Yes. Loyalty stamps are only valid for successful orders.
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How do I claim my FREE meal?
When you earned a FREE meal, you will have the opportunity to use it as a method of payment, when ordering from the restaurant you have earned the bonus with. So just go ahead with your order as usual, and it should appear as credit. Any differences (e.g extra food or delivery fees) must be paid for by debit or credit card payment only. Cash cannot be used in these instances. We operate a 'use it' or 'lose it' policy whereby any surplus credit remaining is lost and cannot be 'rolled over' to another order.
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How much can I spend on my FREE meal?
The value of the FREE meal represents the average food value of the ten (x10) orders from that specific takeaway (exlcudes delivery fees and card charges), with whom the loyalty stamps were earned. This means that if you have made ten orders, where your average food order value was €20 - then the FREE meal credit on your 11th order will be €20. We operate a 'use it' or 'lose it' policy whereby any surplus credit remaining is lost and cannot be 'rolled over' to another order.
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What if I want to order more than the FREE meal value?
If you want / need to spend more than the FREE meal credit allows, you can do so by paying the difference either by Prepay / Credit / Debit Card (VISA, MasterCard, 3V or VISA Electron) (cash is not an option in these cases). If you fail to use all of your credit for your FREE meal, the remaining value amount is lost. The system operates on a 'use it or lose it' basis. Unfortunately, there is no ability to 'roll the credit' over.
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What happens to my loyalty stamps if a takeaway closes down?
Because loyalty stamps are earned with individual takeaways, they will also be dependent on the restaurant's continued co-operation with us. Sadly, if a restaurant closes down or leaves the service - all loyalty stamps with that takeaway become null and void. We hope you understand that it is not possible for us to do this in any other way at present. If you have further questions regarding this topic, please feel free to contact us.
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Can I merge stamps with another account?
No, loyalty bonus stamps can only be used and redeemed for the email account used for the original order(s).
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Can I exchange my loyalty stamps for cash?
No, it's not possible. The loyalty stamps themselves have no cash value, but simply serves as a way for us to show you how far you are on the road to a FREE meal bonus.
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Can I exchange my FREE meal for cash?
No, it's not possible. A FREE meal bonus can only be used for ordering food at the restaurant the reward is earned with. Cancelling a FREE bonus meal will simply lead to the possibility of re-activating the bonus on the 11th order again. There are no cash refunds on FREE bonus meals.
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*Please Note: Our staff are trained to help restaurants & customers in a prompt, efficient and friendly manner. However, whilst we appreciate sometimes issues can be frustrating, we will not tolerate rude or agressive behaviour to any of our staff members. Therefore, we kindly ask you to lodge complaints or issues in a calm, clear and non-agressive manner. Thank you. 



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