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Kilmore Rd, Artane, Dublin 5
open until 23:59
  • From €5.00 (min. €20.00)
  • 30-45 mins
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1 Greenhills Rd, Walkinstown, Dublin 12
OFFLINE - opens later today open from 16:00-02:45
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  • From €2.00 (min. €10.00)
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112 Sundrive Rd, Kimmage, Dublin 12
OFFLINE - opens later today open from 12:00-02:45
  • From €2.00 (min. €10.00)
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69 Rathgar Ave, Rathgar, Dublin 6
OFFLINE - opens later today open from 17:00-01:00
  • From €1.50 (min. €10.00)

35 Ravensdale Park, Kimmage, Dublin 12
OFFLINE - opens later today open from 16:00-00:50
  • From €2.00 (min. €6.00)
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105 Crumlin Rd, Crumlin, Dublin 12
OFFLINE - opens later today open from 17:00-00:30 (delivery from 17:00-00:20)
  • From €2.00 (min. €10.00)
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451 S Circular Rd, Rialto, Dublin 8
OFFLINE - opens later today open from 17:00-22:45
  • From €2.00
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189 Kimmage Rd Lower, Kimmage, Dublin 12
OFFLINE - opens later today open from 12:00-23:30 (delivery from 17:00-23:30)
  • From €2.50 (min. €10.00)

89 Capel St, Dublin 1
OFFLINE - opens later today open from 14:00-22:15
  • From €2.50 (min. €10.00)

146 Rathmines Rd Lower, Rathmines, Dublin 6
OFFLINE - opens later today open from 13:00-22:45
  • From €3.00 (min. €10.00)
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Takeaway For Collection & Delivery in Crumlin, Dublin 12

Crumlin means "crooked glen" and was named after nearby Lansdowne Valley. The village was established some time after 1170, and is now a suburb of Dublin. The center of village life used to be the church. The current structure of Saint Mary's Church sits on the same spot as all of the other churches through Crumlin's long history. Visitors can walk through its doors to get a fleeting sense of times past.

Modern Crumlin is a thriving community. Lovers of sport will find clubs of all kinds to play in. Of particular note is the Crumlin Bowling Club - one of the best in Ireland. The center of the village boasts quaint local businesses and pubs.

Ireland's premiere children's hospital, Our Lady's Children's Hospital, is located in Crumlin. Here, children and their families come to receive care from some of the top pediatric doctors in the country.

For those who want to enjoy the best of the burbs and the city, Crumlin is a perfect spot. There are relaxing and interesting things to do in Crumlin and the center of Dublin is only a short fifteen minute drive away. Public transportation is reliable and makes frequent stops.

Take Me Away to Get Some Take Away

With over a hundred available take away options, Crumlin keeps its residents and visitors well fed. Pizza is available from popular chains or from local pizzerias. Check out the make your own option or order from among dozens of delicious pies. Those with a discerning international palate can enjoy quality Chinese, Italian, Thai and Indian cuisine. In the mood for fried food?

Hop down to a local chipper for a taste of Ireland's delicious chips. Watching the calories? Crumlin boasts a place that exclusively delivers healthy meals. The variety of take away is such that if you stayed in Crumlin for a year you could order a different dish every night. You can even satisfy a craving for fried chicken by ordering the southern soul food from one of several take away joints.

Here at Marvin you can easily, quickly and safely order delicious food for delivery or collection from local takeaways in Crumlin, Dublin 12. Just take your pick of the restaurants on the list and click on to their menu. There you can order just what you fancy. In Crumlin, Dublin 12 you can amongst other things choose from healthy, indian or japanese.

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