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114 Rock Rd, Booterstown, Co. Dublin
OFFLINE - opens later today open from 11:00-23:45
  • From €2.50 (min. €10.00)
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20 Rathmines Rd Lower, Rathmines, Dublin 6
OFFLINE - opens later today open from 16:00-23:45
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  • From €3.00 (min. €10.00)
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Pearse St, Dublin 2
OFFLINE - opens later today open from 17:00-23:59
  • From €1.50 (min. €10.00)

2 Malpas St, Dublin 8
OFFLINE - opens later today open from 17:00-00:45
  • From €1.50
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12 Bath ave, Sandymount, Dublin 4
OFFLINE - opens later today open from 17:00-23:15
  • From €2.00 (min. €10.00)

13 Rathmines Rd Upper, Rathmines, Dublin 6
OFFLINE - opens later today open from 17:00-03:30
  • From €2.00 (min. €12.00)

37 Rathmines Rd Upper, Rathmines, Dublin 6
OFFLINE - opens later today open from 17:00-23:45
  • From €2.00 (min. €10.00)

87 Summerhill, Dublin 1
OFFLINE - opens later today open from 17:00-00:45
  • From €2.00 (min. €10.00)

Bridge St, Ringsend, Dublin 4
OFFLINE - opens later today open from 17:00-01:00
  • From €2.50 (min. €10.00)

LowCal Meals Delivered (Dublin)

Kilmore Rd, Artane, Dublin 5
OFFLINE - Opens again soon
  • From €0.00

Takeaway For Collection & Delivery in Ballsbridge, Dublin 4


Ballsbridge is a richly historic center located in the county of Dublin in Ireland. Its location is a high-end real estate destination with one of the streets being ranked as being the 6th most expensive in world rankings in the year 2007. Due to its lucrative addresses, most of the diplomatic residences in the county of Dublin are located in the area. The embassies of countries like the United States, UK, Spain and others are also in this area. The area's name is derived from Balls Bridge that was built in 1971 over River Dodder. 


The exclusive and tranquility of the area began from these early times as the area was meant for construction of houses for upper-class families only with the working class residences being decreed to be to the North East side of the bridge. Ballsbridge is an area steeped in rugby with one of the oldest international stadiums situated in the town and was recently renovated to have a 50,000-seater capacity by an insurance that also granted them a 10 year sponsorship deal that saw the stadium renamed to Aviva Stadium.


With the rich history and culture that Ballsbridge has to offer comes a vast offering of delicacies that can be ordered online and delivered to your preferred destination within record time. We offer takeaway services to clients from the various restaurants and eateries that have partnered with us in the area. This allows you to enjoy meals from your favorite restaurant in Ballsbridge without necessarily physically being at the restaurant or eatery.


Late for the meal preparation? Just order from Marvin.ie

Whether it is a meal you wish you had started to prepare early, or just a bite as you watch your favorite movie, Marvin.ie is the answer. With a rich database of different types of restaurants to their menu offerings, you will be splilt for choice. Due to the high value real estate addresses in Ballsbridge, meals are quite pricey but customers can expect to get the quality of chef prepared Chinese, Thai or Indian delicacy in the various restaurants where cooking is on the staid, conservative side.


Alternatively, one can order a pizza with specifications for it to be prepared in vegetarian manner or gourmet. Chippers, Irish's greasy hidden secret, are also among the outlets that have their menu offerings ready to be ordered for takeaway. Most of these eateries concentrate around Ballsbridge village that is located on Pembroke Road on the way to the Royal Dublin Society. Here the customers can order their favorite choice of deep-fried foods like fish and chips. For those who are health conscious, Vegetarian dishes are also available for ordering while Muslims can also get Halal foods.

Here at Marvin you can easily, quickly and safely order delicious food for delivery or collection from local takeaways in Ballsbridge, Dublin 4. Just take your pick of the restaurants on the list and click on to their menu. There you can order just what you fancy. In Ballsbridge, Dublin 4 you can amongst other things choose from chinese, pizza or vegetarian.

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